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LegalMatch Review by Attorney Emily Marx

How LegalMatch Helped Me Start Out, and Still Helps Me Connect with Clients

I have been a member of LegalMatch for six years and I am happy with it. When I started out, LegalMatch was pretty much the backbone of my business. It’s how I got 80% or 90% at the beginning of my business and since then I’ve had several referrals. It’s a great marketing service – very useful and a lot of utility. My kind of clients are people with meritorious types. For the most part, I’ve had a great experience with LegalMatch. I would say at this point is probably still 50% of my business.

I’m really good at marketing. I’m good at cold calling. I know what I’m talking about. I’ve gotten better. I’m good at what I do and I’m patient. So I resonate with people and I would say that  LegalMatch positively impacted my business in a way that it has built my business.

How Your LegalMatch Connections Can Go a Long Way

Other attorneys should join LegalMatch if they have a passion for what they do and if they have become attorneys so that they can serve the public. And if they’re good marketers. When I talk to people, when I call people, a lot of times I get feedback. Two items of feedback or two comments are mentioned to me quite often, that is – one, you spent the most time with me, thank you so much for talking to me, you are my favorite attorney that I’ve got. Another thing I get is that people tell me that some attorneys are very short with them.

The attorneys are burned out, they’re impatient. Almost even sometimes they’re rude. I’ve heard that some attorneys who call clients and potential clients are rude, trying to get them off the phone or insulting them about the merits of the claim or the case.

Essentially, they don’t really want to be making the call but if you have to, you have to be positive and devote the time, a lot of clients or potential clients might have to. I get this a lot too. They come back to me six months, or eight months, or nine months, or a year later. Those leads don’t always turn over or get converted into clients. They don’t always convert the next day. Sometimes at a certain time – in six months or nine months later, you’ll get a phone call. This is pretty cool.

Make the Most Out of LegalMatch: Do Your Research Before You Follow-Up

To a new LegalMatch member attorney, I would say do your research before making the call so that you can give people solid advice. You don’t want to leave anybody astray. And to a new member I would say the same thing. Make sure that you are giving people good advice. Take the time to spend ten or fifteen minutes on the phone with them. Don’t try to get them off the line right away. Don’t assume that people don’t have any money. You have to be flexible sometimes with payments because these are middle classes and low income or middle income people.

LegalMatch has made me more successful because there’s always something new. Every case is different. Any attorney knows that every single time you think you’ve seen it all and then there’s a different kind of game. You think you’ve read the fact. You think you know what they’re talking about. But then there’s another issue.

LegalMatch has made me smarter because it’s given me the opportunity to see or to be aware of various issues that might arise which I might not have thought of. It sort of tests you that way and so it’s made me a better, smarter attorney. I also think I’m a more compassionate attorney as well because I meet a lot of people who are going through a lot of turmoil.

In order to maximize my success for my income from LegalMatch, I spent about two hours a day ideally on LegalMatch calling clients. We are calling old clients, clients who have updated their status or whatever, following up the leads, about two hours a day. If I spend $2,000 a month and I make $20,000, that’s ten times return on the investment.


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